Welcome to my page.

My name is Lana Gileva and I am an Interior Stylist/Decorator.

Lana Gileva

Interior Stylist/Decorator

I‘ve always had passion for shape, colour, and combination of different structures. As long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed observing objects positioned in space and imagining the combinations of lines and shapes in different planes.

I was born in Russia, a country with a rich culture and history. My main interest has always been in the field of art - theatre, cinema, and literature – which is why I was just destined to become part of it. For many years I worked as a director of theatrical plays, musical shows and art performances. Working with people helped me to understand how people live, what they think, and what they want and strive for.

I obtained my qualifications as an Interior Decorator in Brisbane, Australia. I was very fortunate to be taught by the outstanding teachers who strengthened my desire to pursue the career of a designer. They also helped me to understand the cultural traditions and the Australian way of life. During the course, I learnt to identify the needs of local people and apply an individual approach to my customers.

All my experience and education became the platform for my Interior Design business. Changing something ordinary and common into something fresh is my favourite thing to do. It is rewarding to see people so happy from the final results. After that a new chapter begins, that changes the quality of your life. What can be better than moving towards the best? Only another step forward!

Get to know my service. Get in touch. I am delighted to help!

Your Interior Stylist/Decorator,

Lana Gileva