Interior design, cosmetic refurbishment, home styling, colour consultations, furniture packages are just a few of the many services provided by me.


I can help define the colour scheme of your residence and develop the psychological impact of colour. I also advise on how to avoid clutter or where to add the key missing bits and pieces. My samples and fun questionnaire will help you work out your colour preferences.

Children will be offered mini games that will help to identify their colour preferences


I can help refine the style of your residence, whether it is a complete change of style or just a few polishing touches to bring out the unique details of the existing style. I am keen to help you achieve harmony between the architectural specifics and the interior of your place. I also can tell you how to avoid mismatch in furnishings that you already have in place.


I can help you furnish your home, assist with space planning and refurbishments. With me you save time spent on sourcing and selecting the furniture for your home. I can organize a visit to a show room that displays interesting samples of furniture produced in limited quantities to ensure that the furniture you buy for your home is not a typical mass produced one. I can help save your money as well.


General consultation includes information about modern trends in the interiors. If being innovative is important to you, let’s discuss which of the trends will work to reflect your tastes, individual style, heritage, traditions and personality.



I can share my experience in reinventing your pieces of furniture and accessories by refinishing and reusing pre-loved (not antique) items. Sometimes I help clients paint new pieces of furniture in order to complete a creative aesthetic true to the occupant of that space.

Check out the examples here.

You can purchase items here.


Use my expertise to correct random mistakes quickly and at minimal expense.

If the selection of the furniture or soft furnishings, the interior or exterior colour scheme, placement of design accents and accessories do not reflect your personality, or do not compliment each other, it can be fixed. All you need is … no, not a lot of money but a good eye for detail and a sense of taste, someone who can read the language of interiors – colour, textiles, lighting, furniture and accessories. I take pride in delivering quick and fuss free, complete solutions by designing the rooms my clients want while balancing their budget without compromising on quality or style.